Why you should choose an universal underwater smartphone housing?

In the scuba diving case world, there are several kind of housing you might consider purchasing.

One is the special designed smartphone or camera housing for specific model. This kind of smartphone housing normally can only serve one phone but normally they have the best function and it can make the most use of all the hardware and software your phone can do. But normally due to the manufacturing volume requirement and other issues. This will only happen to some classic model with huge amount of existing users and that’s normally very rare. Like iPhone 4 or iPhoneX, both of them are a huge hit and so you can find those popular model but only if you are using them as well you can choose to purchasing them. Normally this kind of case are expensive and once you change the phone you won’t be able to use the case anymore.

Second will be scuba phone case for a series of phones with single System. Like some older model of sealife underwater smartphone housing they only suitable for iPhone series from iPhone 6 to the existing model. They also careful design their model to fit all the phone size and also they will build special mold for different model. So that no matter which one you are using, the case will always be a good fit to them all. Normally this kind is better than the first one. iPhone 4 are very good phone but you don’t want to use it forever. This kind of case will probably still compatible to the newer model that you are using. So you can still use your scuba phone case after.

Third will be universal underwater smartphone housing like Hotdive H2 Pro. For this kind it will compatible with most of the phone produced in both Android and IOS system and it will keep updating even if you change your phones every year and you can still use your favorite dive case and the HotDive H2 Pro case are extremely durable if you take care of it. This is the choice you wanna made when it comes to choose underwater smartphone housing.

Remember, you have a smartphone and you need to be smart too.

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