How did underwater smartphone case control your phone in 2020?

There is a lot of mystery about how to control your phone with your scuba phone case. It won’t be a mystery anymore after you read this article.

Commonly there are 2 type of scuba phone case. First one, your phone connect with the case by cable, no matter what kinds of port you are using you can always find an adapter to your phone case and it control from there. For this method, you probably won’t need a specific app to do the trick, mostly it just using the volume button as shutter button and shoot video or pictures from t here. It can use the current phone camera and make the most of it. The photo or video can be pretty decent depends on how good if your phone camera lens. Due to the cost, this kind of solution can be cheap and if the case compatibility is very good then the depth rating of this case won’t be a lot probably around 40m as the recreational diving depth limit.

Second, it connect with your phone by simulating touch, this one is similar with the first one, don’t need an app, it can also use your phone camera and sometimes might have some bugs but in general it’s good, some of them even have a cursor so you can literally use every function of the phone, but the bad part of this, it won’t always work and the moisture can impact this greatly. So it seems ideal but it is not.

Third, it’s using bluetooth which is also the most advanced one like Hodtive H2/H2 Pro, it using a specific app to communicate and take photos and videos. While for compatibility issues, it won’t use up to the maximum capability of your camera, but it can give you decent pictures and photos for sure. It can using additional hardware like wide angle lens to increase your shoot no matter how good or bad is your own camera lens. This is the most stable solution that the phone and the case can be always counted on when you doing your scuba diving. Most of the time you won’t have your scuba diving that much so this is actually the solution you want for your scuba diving all the time.

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