What defines a good underwater smartphone housing software?

When you chose a scuba phone case, you want it to have specific software for sure. Cause if you are using the phone system itself, sure you can have better optimized camera and you can make use of all your 4 cameras but most of t he time the sea touch technology is not suitable for deep diving and it really lag when you use it. So we are clear about the designed software and now we can discuss what is the factors make the best underwater smartphone housing software.

First of all you want the software to be easy to use. It’s a big word “easy”. But still we have trace of that. The UI design have to be easy and clean and it should be serve the most import function all time: camera function. When you are using HotDive H2 Pro case, the shutter button always bring back to the camera mode which is super convenient for you when you spot anything interesting and you will never miss your shot.

Second, it is really important for you guys as soon to be professional photographers to have raw function. The hotdive special designed software can shoot raw for iPhone and soon we will add this function to Android too. With powerful raw you can edit the photo really well and make the most of HotDive case.

Third, the preview function. When you are underwater and you are making a shot, you want the shot to be perfect not vague. In order to make sure you have clear and clean shot, normally you should do multiple shot when you using GoPro. But with the powerful HotDive underwater smartphone housing software, you can preview your pictures or videos underwater right after you shoot them. So you don’t need multiple shoot to waster your precious storage on your phone and have the best shoot on your phone always. You can also this function to deleted unwanted pictures or video as you wish.

Wish you have a wonderful underwater experience with HotDive H2 Pro!

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