Scuba With Your Phone

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Maximum Protection

  • 80 meters(262 feet) waterproof
  • Extreme test 100% secure
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Compact interior design
Underwater smartphone housing HotDive take multiple extreme 80 meters (262 foot) pressure test for 4 hours before ship out.

Maximum Compatibility

Underwater smartphone housing are compatible with all Apple series and most Android phones,  as long as the phone size within 168mm*84mm*10mm(6.6 inches * 3.3 inches * 0.4 inches).


HotDive H2 Pro grant you easiest way of underwater photo shoot.

New IOS app: Deep Photo(IOS only)

Unlock all power of your iPhone underwater, the best scuba case for iPhone

Wanna be a pro with only your phone?

H2 Pro with wide angle lens kit not only make you look like a pro but also shoot like a pro. Edit and post your photos between dives and make you have more likes than your friends every time.

Scuba Phone Case Accessory-72mm Wide Angle Lens Pack(can't use without HotDive Case)


  • 72MM wide-angle lens
  • 72MM filter
  • 37MM filter
  • Bracket Set x 1
  • Case x 1


So much easier than using a GoPro. I’d rather have the images ready on my phone. I just popped my phone in and it automatically connected to use the exterior camera button. I’ll be taking this on every beach trip. I did buy a floating wrist strap just in case.
Kate Nicole
Open Water Diver
FINALLY had a day to try out my HOTDIVE case. Firstly when i pulled it out on the dive boat, it drew a crowd. Everyone wanted to know what it was and how it worked. After the dive, people gathered around and were very impressed with the quality and clarity of the pictures! And I want to add, We got down to 101 feet and it still worked flawless!
Lynn Toler
Advanced Open Water Diver
Did 3, 2-tank dives without an issue. It can be a little daunting remembering all of the steps to set up your phone and the case, but after the 1st time, the case is a breeze… I’ll probably make a cheat sheet to remember the phone settings. No issue with bluetooth synching. iPhone12.Tech Diver
Charles Downing
Tech Diver

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Smart Scuba Phone Case HotDive H2 Pro with Camera Lens Kit


  • Auto-air pump system, fog free
  • Comes with fill light, dive computer
  • Waterproof for up to 80M
  • Maximum factory extreme test, ensure your phone safety
  • Wide angle lens and red filter make picture stunning
  • Great scuba case for iPhone X/XR/12/13 Pro Max

Smart Scuba Phone Case HotDive H2 Pro with Camera Lens Kit and Video light Kit Fully upgraded


  • HotDive H2 Pro 
  • 2000 Lumens Video Light 110° Bean Angle/120 minutes burn time with exchangable battery
  • Dual side UW tray handle make photography enjoyable
  • Wide Angle Lens Kit enchance your camera abilities