Smart Scuba Phone Case HotDive H2 Pro

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  • Auto-air pump system, fog free
  • Comes with fill light, dive computer
  • Waterproof for up to 80M
  • Maximum factory extreme test, ensure your phone safety
  • Camera Lens Kit add-on available(optional)

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Scuba Phone Case HotDive. Your Favorite Diving Gear

Turn your smartphone into a professional underwater camera with fill light and an advanced dive computer. And that’s just to start.

Scuba Diving gear is expensive. Buying a diving computer, waterproof case, and underwater fill light is costly. It’s also a hassle carrying all that gear and diving with it.

HotDive Smart Scuba Phone Case takes your extra gear and puts it in an advanced, durable and depth tested phone case. It turns your smartphone into an all-in-one dive kit, acting as a dive computer, a fill light, camera and so much more. And with a built-in air vacuum system you can bring your phone to depths as low as 80m. HotDive offers deep savings (money, time, space, and weight) while letting you explore and capture the beauty of the underwater world.

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Take crystal clear, professional photos of your deep dives with HotDive Smart Scuba Phone Case.



Smart Automatic Air Pump System

Enjoy no foggy or blurry images! Taking a clear photo at depth isn’t easy. Hot plugs and desiccants can help, but they don’t actually create the optimal vacuum. HotDive’s case uses an independent auto-pump air extraction system creating a perfect vacuum for your smartphone.
This means that every photo or video you take will be crystal clear without any fear of fog obscuring the wonders of the sea!

The Smart Automatic Pump on the hotdive scuba phone case are are travel friendly, no need to bring your manual pump anymore.

compare the image quality from using hotdive vaccum system or other case without vaccum system

Take crystal clear photos at any depth without fear of fog

Powerful Fill Light For Any Depth

The deeper your dives, the less light there is. Meaning if you want to see the wonders hiding under the waves you need to bring light. HotDive is equipped with a powerful fill light to create optimal conditions for your photos.

High Range Color Capture

HotDive is perfect for underwater photos or even night diving. Using American CREE LED lights with 130°illuminance and 5800-6500K (closest to the sun’s rays) color temperature, HotDive creates the perfect lighting conditions for photos and videos. This effect brings the true color of the underwater world to life, as it offers 800 Lumens of intense light.

The dive light tech specs is perfect for scuba diving

Built-In Dive Computer

Dive computers are a key piece of safety equipment for all divers. They help prevent DCS by measuring depth, dive duration, and ascending speed. The HotDive Pro Smart Scuba Phone Case, the advanced version of the HotDive, uses a built-in computer that acts as an all-in-one solution.

Hotdive H2 Pro have dive computer functions include compass, depth sensor, dive time and ascending rate

HotDive Pro’s computer uses a Nordic Semiconductor ultra-low power consumption (ULP) wireless chip for fast processing speed and in-depth monitoring. Its high capability is made better with low power consumption and a stronger signal to ensure a smooth connection to your smartphone. HotDive Pro also uses a Swiss TE MS5083 depth sensor to monitor real-time depth, calculate ascent speed, and issue warnings. And it also has a built-in compass, so you always know which direction you’re diving in.

HotDive Smart Scuba Phone Case Keeps You Safe

Thanks to an advanced dive computer, HotDive Pro smart scuba phone case is made with your safety in mind. It calculates depth and time spent diving so it can inform you when the safety stop required.

When it detects that the depth stress has reached 5 meters it will sound an alarm by vibrating to remind you to stay underwater for 3 minutes before ascending to the surface.


1-Click Photos

Taking photos with HotDive is simple and easy. Using professional software designed for underwater environments, HotDive lets you take photos or videos, switch between the front and rear cameras with the press of one button.

You can even preview your photos and videos with just 1 click!

1 click function make taking photos, videos and selfies convenient by click the mode button


Scuba Diving Modes & Freediving Mode


The HotDive App works with the HotDive Pro smart scuba phone case and can be set to two modes: scuba diving and freediving. These modes are only available on the HotDive Pro due to its built-in dive computer.

Scuba diving mode is able to show real-time depth, maximum depth,  current temperature, and current diving time. It also allows you to set a maximum depth vibration reminder, maximum diving time vibration reminder, and vibration reminder when the ascent speed is too fast. This function is very helpful for both first-time divers and professional divers.

Hotdive pro scuba phone have dive computer reminder function including maximum depth reminder, diving time reminder and ascent speed warning


Freediving mode can set 5 different depth vibration and surface time vibration reminders.

Thanks to the exclusive sturdy design, you can use HotDive for both snorkeling(0-10m) and freediving(10m-80m). The real-time depth and dive time displayed on the screen allows you to take photos & videos while knowing how deep you are and how long your current dive time is.

Thanks to the built-in 800 lumens fill light HotDive allows you to do a quick snorkeling night dive near your beach resort before sleeping. Isn’t it nice to post some octopus photos and wake up with a lot of likes on your social media channel?

Hotdive H2 Pro smart housing have freediving mode allowing you to set 5 depth reminders and 1 surface break reminder

Real-Time Dive Syncing

  • See your photos in real-time
  • Log your dives
  • Share your journey

HotDive’s app lets you log your dives automatically by connecting to your phone and auto-syncing your photos and videos. It lets you view real-time results and even share your diving status at any time!

The photos & videos are actually stored in your smartphone instead of the HotDive. This can save you a lot of time to enjoy your dives.

3500ma Battery That Lasts Your Entire Dive

HotDive powers your dives with a powerful battery. It offers you 15-20 days of power without using the fill light and 100 minutes of continuous power while using the fill light. You don’t need to bother charging it all the time!

Built-in Lithium battery of hotdive pro allow you to use the dive light for 100 minutes continously and it can stand by for 15 to 20 days



What People Are Saying About HotDive Smart Scuba Phone Case

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More questions about our hotdive smartphone waterproof case, please check our FAQ page.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 26.1 × 15.7 × 10 cm


HotDive Works With Your Favorite Devices

HotDive is compatible with every iPhone and Android phone – as long as the size is smaller than 168mm(6.6inch) x 84mm(3.3inch)(exclude the smartphones with pop-up camera ) and has Bluetooth. (HotDive controls your phone via iPhone or Android apps)

Even if you change your phone regularly, HotDive will always be a good buddy with your new phones. This will save you tremendous money and hassle.

For more detail device check below link:

check compatibility

If you are unable to use the HotDive app on your smartphone (or if it’s incompatible) please email us and our team will assist you and we will update the app.

Tech Specs


Package weight: 1.2 kg

Package dimension: 261mm x 157mm x 100mm


How is HotDive made?

Standard Air Pressure Test Procedure for every device(Why should you trust Hotdive?)

Standard Water Pressure Test Procedure for every device (Why should you trust Hotdive?)

Check our youtube channel Hotdive Global for full version video

Given the special study design and material, we have the lowest return/repair rate in scuba phone case industry, check here to see our warranty policy.


How to set up Hotdive Scuba Phone Case?

Download HotDive H2/H2 Pro user manual for more information.

45 reviews for Smart Scuba Phone Case HotDive H2 Pro

  1. Tony Audrey Keller

    I really like the amazing pictures I got using this housing with my IPhone 12 Pro. It’s very easy to set up, and syncs easily using Bluetooth technology. I would not recommend doing this on a rocking boat however. Try to complete the setup as close to the actual dive as you possibly can because your iPhone battery will drain quickly, mine lasted for 1 3/4 dives until dead. I had 100% on the phone pre-dive. I shot 206 pictures, and seven 2 to 3 minute videos. There is a really good 38 minute video on YouTube on how to work this amazing item. I no longer have to lug a Huge underwater camera on dives. The pictures you can take with your iPhone are breathtaking. All in all although some may say “pricey “ but it does so much. It’s rated for 130 feet, but these days I don’t go much below 60, or 70 feet max, since I’m older. I’m very happy with this housing, and plan on using it again, and again. The case is nice that comes with it too, compartments for everything. I would definitely recommend this to my dive buddies. One last thing I didn’t like is when the low battery warning on your iPhone screen comes on, there is no way ( that I know of) to clear it since you can’t physically touch the screen, but it will still take pictures, and videos.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Mikal Belicove

    I got a chance to take the Hot Dive out for a dive – first impressions were very good. I happened to have a manta ray swim by so got to get some very good video. Picture quality is great, but the app (for now) limits to 4K at a 4:3 resolution (need to allow default camera resolution!). The depth sensor checks well with my other computer. Still getting used to venting off vacuum (you want to be clean and dry to open it) – but a very nice addition to my dive gear.

  3. Kate Nicole

    So much easier than using a GoPro. I’d rather have the images ready on my phone. I just popped my phone in and it automatically connected to use the exterior camera button. I’ll be taking this on every beach trip. I did buy a floating wrist strap just in case.

  4. Lynn Toler

    FINALLY had a day to try out my HOTDIVE case. Firstly when i pulled it out on the dive boat, it drew a crowd. Everyone wanted to know what it was and how it worked. After the dive, people gathered around and were very impressed with the quality and clarity of the pictures! And I want to add, We got down to 101 feet and it still worked flawless!

  5. David Growler

    Four stars because I haven’t tried it with my phone submerged under water yet, but I set this case in my sink for HOURS with napkins inside and not a drop of water touched them. They were completely dry when I removed them. Also, I did place my phone (IPhone Xr) inside the case to see if it fit; it did… and if I could touch the screen; It worked. That’s better than using the shutter button in my opinion.

    Update: I put my phone in this case and left it submerged under water in my sink. Came out completely dry!

  6. George Russell

    When I can get it to work it takes amazing photos. But the set up process is super finicky, and I can only get it to work successfully 3/4 times I try.

    First you have to put your phone in do not disturb mode, turn on cell data, and turn off automatic screen lock. Then you have to launch the app, and turn on the camera housing and connect to the phone via blue tooth, which is slow and doesn’t always work. I usually have to turn the housing on and off a few times, and close the app and relaunch it a few times before it connects successfully. Then you have to use automatic pump to pressurize the camera housing, which is kind of convenient.

    When I do get it working the ergonomics are great, takes amazing photos, super easy to have them already on my phone and ready to post online.

  7. Kenneth Bill

    Haven’t used yet but Hotdive is a brand I have used before in diving and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed this this unit. iPhone fits nicely into the case and taking pictures is a breeze with the controls.

  8. Raj Vora

    Awesome case por iPhone 12 Pro. Is is sturdy and make with high quality. Si far a few dives and no problem.

  9. Robert Rupert

    This was a relatively easy to use jacket for the iphone. I was concerned at first at the size of it and whether it would be a issue when getting in/out of the water and holding it while diving. All was a non issue! I have a hard time seeing what I’m taking with a GoPro so I thought I’d give this a try. Love it! I’ve taken some great shots with it and have been as deep as 110′ with no issues. I would recommend this product! 4 star because of the delivery, not the best i saw

  10. Charles Downing

    Did 3, 2-tank dives without an issue. It can be a little daunting remembering all of the steps to set up your phone and the case, but after the 1st time, the case is a breeze… I’ll probably make a cheat sheet to remember the phone settings. No issue with bluetooth synching. iPhone12.

  11. Josephine May

    This was a nervous purchase and i took it snorkeling in Hawaii and was immediately impressed with it. My brother took it scuba diving and took amazing pictures. This paid for itself on one use.

  12. Soren Reinke

    Luv this housing and absolutely worth it. I used an iPhone 12 Pro Max and it works perfectly. You’ll need to remove the phone case for proper fit. If shooting in water no deeper than10-15 feet, no need for the included red filter. Again, this is totally worth it.

  13. Gerald Enright

    Camera is easy to set up, and easy to use, works like a regular camera.

  14. Juergen Michael

    Ich besitze verschieden Unterwassergehäuse und wollte mal das SeaLife für das iPhone ausprobieren.
    War am letzten Wochenende tauchen und habe das Gehäuse mitgenommen. Gute Handhabung auch mit dicken Handschuhen, Bildqualität (mit iPhone 12 Pro) sehr gut. werde das Gehäuse jetzt sicher öfters einsetzen, wenn mir der Einsatz für mein Gehäuse für die Sony Alpha 6500 zu aufwendig ist.

  15. Charlie Edmunds

    I tried the Hotdive recently on a trip to Saint Lucia and it worked really well diving and snorkeling, I used it with and iPhone 11 and my friend had one with a iPhone 12 Pro Max. Both phones/housings made great images and video, and functioned flawlessly. Set up was easy too.

  16. Colin Morgan

    The weight, feel and materials are truly quality. You won’t have to worry at all about putting your phone in this case! I had purchased a $45 “pro” case – you see them all over Amazon, same design different name. Next to the Hotdive, it was a toy and I wasn’t going to trust my phone in it.

  17. Brent Taylor

    Fantastic housing if you have an iPhone 11 Pro Max with the good camera. Takes amazing pictures with that but not a great with the iPhone 8 camera.

  18. Floyd Arcaya

    Excellent product. Have used for 2 dives. One day time and a night dive. Please take time and read the setup instructions. Once setup and sealed properly, I had little concern for leaking. Only concern is the wrist strap, and the clip. I will find a more secure strap as the one provided comes unclipped.

  19. IAN REID

    Was able to use the iPhone -which already has excellent optics focus and exposure corrections, that I had great photos: all operated by simple controls that cannot go wrong underwater. This is a quality scuba diving product!


    This underwater camera case is AWESOME!!!! I bought several others to take diving, then ungraded my Iphone and had to get a new one. Even had one break and leak at 60 feet in Jamaica. This case has performed great in the pool so far and fits different sized iPhones. The video and photos are amazing with the red filter. Just AWESOME!!

  21. Floyd Arcaya

    This product made my iPhone 12max a awesome underwater camera. I was pretty impulsive on buying it the night before my 130’ dive but couldn’t be happier with the end result. Being able to take pictures and seeing them on my phone in realtime is awesome! I wish it could go deeper but there isn’t many things I’d take pictures of below 130’.

  22. Bonnie Martin

    This product makes underwater photography so easy, as the iPhone takes amazing pictures, and is now able to do it well below the oceans surface.
    Easy to use app allows the phone to quickly connect to the housing, and it is straight forward to use underwater.

    The only issue I have is that you are not able to turn off the housing or your phones backlight without opening the housing, thus exposing the inside to water. Not ideal when doing a two tank dive, as both your phone and the housing remains on between dives

  23. Jurian Koch

    Habe das Gehäuse im Urlaub getestet.
    Die ersten 8 Tauchgänge alle Erwartungen erfüllt.
    Beschlägt nicht gut zu bedienen.

  24. Michael Kelly

    It’s pretty great. It puts the screen in a pwr save mode after 1 minute of inactivity. The picks and videos are what you’d expect from a phone and the app works effortlessly. Pics are automatically entered into your photos and look really good. I’d recommend the camera lens kit to go with. Together the package is not small. You will know it’s in your hand, but I did not find it too much to handle. At ~$450 for the case and lens I wouldn’t call it cheap. But it’s probably less expensive than a full underwater camera setup. Enjoy.


    I bought 4 of these. My daughters loved them. They worked very well. I did have one that may have a leak. It could be operator error. My one daughter likes to pick at things til she breaks them.

  26. Samuel Griffin

    Very happy with this purchase. Used on sixteen dives over a week, and used less than a quarter of the battery life. Easy to set up. Glad I purchased this over a high end camera. Difficult deciding when to use the red filter, but it was easy to pop on and off underwater.

  27. Kathryn Bennett

    I just used this for a week of diving in Mexico. I bought it for my iPhone 11. Unfortunately my phone got broken on the way to the resort. My husband has a galaxy 11 (unsure of the number) all he did was download the app, and it worked GREAT!!! I did watch the YouTube videos on hotdive global channel a few times and made myself a quick bullet list and put in the case for a guide. I got it all set up before we went on the boat, and i never had an issue with it while diving. The pictures are great, and its easy to use. I had a safety cable on my wrist, and attached to my BC for extra protection. I cannot recommend this enough.

  28. David Kim

    The hotdive h2 pro is a must-have for anyone who loves to dive and explore underwater environments. The phone case is incredibly durable and keeps my phone completely safe from water damage. And with the LED light, I can take amazing photos and videos, even in low-light conditions. Highly recommend!


    Purchased for my iPhone 12 and it worked great on my scuba trip. Dove down to 100 feet with no issues.
    It takes a while to figure out. But the user interface is great. Easy to use and intuitive. Quickly zoom, or switch from pics to video. Best solution out there for your iPhone and it fits all sizes including Max.

  30. Douglas Bashford

    Perfect phone case for underwater photography and photos. The red filter on the outside makes spring water crystal clear and images amazing! Bluetooth feature makes it easy to use. Only issue we had was if you have 4 dives in a day, you gotta take it out between every 2 dives to save the battery. My iPhone 12 Pro Max can handle 4 dives per day not sure about other phones. Definitely our case of choice.

  31. Ethan Myers

    I’ve been using the hotdive h2 pro for several months now, and I’m impressed with how well it works. The interface is user-friendly, and the display is crystal clear. I love being able to track all my dive data in the app, and the wireless connectivity to my phone makes it easy to keep everything in one place. Overall, this is a great product that I highly recommend.

  32. Olivia Johnson

    I’ve used the hotdive h2 pro on several dives now, and I’m very happy with my purchase. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the display is clear and easy to read. I love being able to see all my dive data in the app, and the wireless connectivity to my phone is a nice touch. Overall, this is a great product that I highly recommend.

  33. Gregory Jones

    Perfect for freediving training. I am using this to teach my freediving courses. It is so convenient that i can take the video about my student’s technique and show them right away. It’s easier for them to know which part of the posture that they should improve and this also make freediving teaching so much fun.

  34. Maria Hernandez

    I’m really impressed with the hotdive h2 pro’s ability to keep my phone safe and dry while diving. The case is completely waterproof, so I never have to worry about water damage or corrosion. Plus, the hotdive app is super easy to use and makes it simple to navigate my phone’s functions while diving.

  35. Isabella Riley

    The hotdive h2 pro is an essential piece of equipment for any serious diver. The design is sleek and modern, and the display is incredibly clear and easy to read. I love how easy it is to sync up with my phone and keep all my data in one place. Plus, the battery life is fantastic – I’ve used it for multiple dives without needing to recharge. This is a must-have product for any serious diver.

  36. Dylan Stewart

    I’m new to diving, but I knew I needed a reliable backup dive computer to help keep me safe on my dives. I did a lot of research and ultimately decided on the hotdive h2 pro, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, and the display is bright and clear. I love being able to track my dives and see all my data in the app. This is a great product for beginners and experienced divers alike.

  37. Emily Marshall

    As an experienced diver, I was looking for a dive computer that was both reliable and affordable, and the hotdive h2 pro fits the bill perfectly. It’s lightweight and compact, and the display is clear and easy to read. I especially appreciate the wireless connectivity to my phone, which allows me to keep all my dive data in one place. This is a great product at a great price.

  38. Jason Miller

    I’ve been using the hotdive h2 pro for my diving trips, and it’s been a game-changer. The depth sensor is super accurate, and I appreciate the safe stop function that helps me avoid decompression sickness. Plus, the LED light is a huge plus, as it helps to illuminate my subjects and makes for clearer, more vibrant shots.

  39. Mason Cooper

    The hotdive h2 pro is hands down the best dive accessory I’ve ever bought. It’s so easy to use and incredibly accurate. I love the way it syncs up with my phone, and the app is super user-friendly. Plus, the battery life is excellent – I’ve used it for multiple dives on a single charge without any issues. I highly recommend this product to any serious diver.

  40. Emma Davis

    I’m really impressed with how easy the hotdive h2 pro is to use. The hotdive app is super intuitive and makes it easy to control my phone while diving. Plus, the case is completely waterproof, so I never have to worry about water damage or corrosion. Definitely worth the investment!

  41. Mike Johnson

    I’ve been using the hotdive h2 pro for all my scuba diving trips, and I’m really impressed with how well it works. The depth sensor is super accurate, and I appreciate the safe stop function that helps me avoid decompression sickness. Plus, the hotdive app is so easy to use, even while underwater!

  42. Sarah Martin

    The hotdive h2 pro is a game-changer for underwater photography. The case is completely waterproof, so I can take amazing photos and videos without worrying about damaging my phone. The LED light is also a huge plus, as it helps to illuminate my subjects and makes for clearer, more vibrant shots. Love it!

  43. Jack Thompson

    I’ve been using the hotdive h2 pro for my diving trips and I love it! The phone case is so sturdy and durable, and it’s amazing that I can control my phone while diving. The hotdive app is super user-friendly and easy to navigate, and I appreciate that the case comes with an LED light for better visibility. Highly recommend!

  44. Tyler Brown

    As someone who loves to dive and explore underwater caves, I’ve found the hotdive h2 pro to be an invaluable tool. The depth sensor is super accurate, and I appreciate the safe stop function that helps me avoid decompression sickness. Plus, being able to control my phone while diving is a game-changer.

  45. Samantha Lee

    The hotdive h2 pro is perfect for anyone who loves to dive and take photos or videos. The case is incredibly durable and keeps my phone completely protected from water damage. And with the LED light, I can take amazing shots even in low-light conditions. Highly recommend!

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