What solution you have when it comes to take photos and video underwater in 2021?

If you wanna diving with your phone now, you have many different choices in 2021.

Some people may said taking your phone and an underwater smartphone housing to your favorite dive site is no point. I mean people have choices. Sure you can bring your GoPro to your dive trip or buying very expensive DSLR with even more expensive underwater case and strobe light etc. But they are not always very suitable for every body

First let’s talk about Gopro. Gopro are great when you are taking video, the hyper smooth videos are great. But if you using it to take some photos, not too much. One thing is because the screen of Gopro just not big enough for you to choose what you wanna take and most of the time you can only guess or you take a lot of photos and wish you have a good shot. Also after you finish your dive, you have to upload those photos from Gopro to your phone or computer using bluetooth or direct connect, it’s really kind of hassle to ever doing. Sometimes it make you wanna just forget the video or photo and call it a day.

Second, using DSLR and underwater case, the DSLR and case are great. You can take great photo and videos with it no doubt but it’s very expensive and too heavy to handle. Also the case are specially made for that model of DSLR which means it can be super expensive and hard to repair or find parts for it. Scuba phone case allow you bring your phone with you underwater while integrate with dive light and depth sensor which are much better than Gopro in many ways also better than DSLR in depth sensor related information.

Scuba phone case HotDive are universal phone case allow you to put most of the Android and all iPhone inside so you can even dive with your new phones if you change it. I mean truth be told it can’t beat the DSLR images but it can be a easy solution for casual scuba divers, freedivers and snorkelers to have a good time. Hotdive underwater smartphone housing are the best scuba phone case for Android cause it have the most compatibility and it’s very easy to set up.

For people who just wanna have a good time while enjoy diving and capture some highlights of the dive. Either gopro and scuba phone case HotDive can be your good companion.

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