Why HotDive Underwater scuba phone case are a huge success?

People might wondering why we sell so many hotdive cases. Well, there are many factors to contribute this result but mainly because our ideology is focusing on our customers.

1. When we design this product, we focusing on helping people who first get into underwater photography and they don’t want to invest too much money on the equipment. By using our product, they can just try to utilize their phone as their main camera by taking them under the water and start to create.

2. When we doing the research about underwater smartphone housing, we see that their is a big issue about the convenience of the case. Most of the case are very hard to use and it leaks all the time. Most importantly, the case have no auto pump just manual pump which is very hard to carry it on your back pack and some times you even forget to bring it. This triggers us by trying to remove the manual pump and create our own auto pump to solve this problem. And we solve it perfectly by add a mini auto pump and didn’t increase the size of the case a lot.

3. We are also focusing customer service, no matter what problems you have, once you get to us we will always trying to fix it asap, if we can replace it we normally do replace instead of fix your device so it couldn’t save your time and in the same time you are happy that you have new device to use.

4. We are trying to build a hotdive global shipping network to increase the speed of our delivery. Sometimes when you order our product and you want it urgently. But most of the time when you try to get it you will be disappointed cause normally it ships from other countries. And it takes time. Currently we already have a US based warehouse ensuring that all US customer can get their products before the vacation started.

We all having a complicated years or two due to the pandemic, and we should all need a good vacation to celebrate ourselves that we still alive and thrive. The pandemic will be over and things will go back to normal. Your hotdive case will accompany you through high and low, underwater water and above water. Cheers.

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