What’s the best using scenario for your favorite hotdive H2 Pro

People often ask me, why i need a big screen for my camera and why i need to bring that big one with me? Here is a prfect example of why you should using your hotdive H2 Pro case when you are doing freediving training as instructor or student when during the course or simple training session.

Most of the time when you using a gopro or other kinds of camera, you can’t take both convenient and accessibility. Either your shooting device are heavy and very hard prepare or you can’t view your video or photo right after you took it. Someone might ask when should i want to see the pictures right after i took it. Well, here are some reasons you wanna do it. Most of the time when you are shooting photo or videos for some rare event. You don’t actually know if you are doing a great job or not. Most of the time you just shoot as many as possible and you take one as your best shoot for your instagram story or whatever. But this is base on pure luck, you can’t always lucky like this cause sometimes you are actually have none at all and all your shoot are not good.

If you are using hotdive H2 Pro with your phone, the biggest advantage is that it can view your photo or video right after even in the water. In one way, it’s good for the photographer cause they can verify the work is good or not cause your phone are definitely much bigger than any camera or gopro screen so you can see it better. For freediving training purpose, this is getting better, when you train freediving, the technique are very import, as a freediving instructor myself, some of my student have imperfect techniques and that’s very normal. You can correct them by just showing them what’s the right technique, but most of the time you wanna them to know how the act right there. Video or photos came in handy as this cause you can watch together and figure out what’s the right way. But if you are using the gopro most of the time you just can’t view it right away you have to do it after the training session and that’s already a little bit late cause people already forget.

With HotDive case while you doing training, you can make the most of the case by showing your students exactly what they are doing before and showing them where is the wrong technique and what’s the right technique and this can be done many times even in one session. It’s easier to shoot and it’s even better to watch it.

With hotdive h2 pro case, you and your students will really improve quickly with the techniques so you can enjoy freediving as it is, pure fun.

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