HotDive ST2 Recreational Scuba Regulator Full Set – environmentally conscious diving regulator set


  • 1’st Stage Type: Balanced piston-type first-stage regulator
  • 2’nd Stage Type: Downstream Demand Valve.
  • LP Ports: 5
  • HP Ports: 2
  • Nitrox Compatible: Yes, Up to 40% O2
  • Materials 1’st Stage: 316 stainless steel body, stainless steel springs.
  • Materials 2’nd Stage: Glass fiber Enhanced PA, Stainless Steel 316 & Food grade silicone mouthpiece.
  • Ice Dive: No, but you can contact us for special modification with addtional charge.





Beautifully machined. Beautiful performance. And it keeps the oceans beautiful, too. As the first “Green” regulator ever designed, the S2 is made of a special grade of 316 Stainless Steel and it is 100% recyclable. The S2 offers superior corrosion resistance and does not require chrome or nickel-plating processes that create environmental concerns.


Suitable for sidemount regulator up to EANx40 with white color scuba regulator to choose from too. (There are sidemount scuba regulator set and recreational scuba regulator fullest for sale)


At HotDive, it’s all about the metals. The 316 Stainless Steel used in the S2 has twice the strength of brass with the durability of Titanium. It delivers virtually the same corrosion resistance as Titanium at a lower price. Environmental experts have classified Stainless Steel as the Green metal of the future because of its strength, ability to resist corrosion, and ability to be recycled. The HotDive S2 is designed to breathe effortlessly at atmospheres below the surface while helping preserve the atmosphere above.


Environmentally conscious topside natural breathing at depth

The first stage is beautifully machined from a special grade 316 Stainless Steel that is twice the strength of brass with corrosion resistance approaching Titanium. The use of Stainless Steel means we are doing our part for clean air when divers are out of the water. 

Great Looks and feeling


Recommend by Dive Pros

HotDive S2 1st Stage Technical Information:

– Balanced piston-type first stage regulator
– Connector: YOKE or Din
– LP ports swivel
– Intermediate pressure: (8.5-9.5 Bar).
– High pressure port: (7/16″ 20W UNF-2B) x 2.
– Low pressure port: (3/8″ 24W UNF-2B) x 5.
– Weight(oz/g): 21/595.
– Main materials: 316 stainless steel body, SUS springs.

HotDive T2 2st Stage Technical Information:

Weight: 0.3kg
Package size: 32*10.5*10cm
Material: GF Enhanced PA+SS 316
Scuba Gear Technical Information:
Balanced & adjustable second stage regulator
– Intermediate pressure: 10 Bar/150 PSI.
– Inhalation effort: 1.2-1.5 CIW (Column inches of Water)
– The pneumatically balanced design gives consistent gas pressure for easy inhalation
– Easy-grip dive/pre-dive switch avoids free at the surface and is easy to use with gloves.
– Adjustable design helps the diver fine-tune cracking pressure so breathing resistance matches the diver’s personal preference.
Second stage adjustment knob: Fine-tunes inhalation effort.
– Weight: 237g (0.52lb)
– Main materials: GF Enhanced PA, SUS 316 main body.
– Food grade silicone mouthpiece
– Customed with brand logo, Diving Equipment OEM & ODM.

SPG 2010 MINI 2K Gauge Technical Information:

One piece brass body; Copper Beryllium spiral wound; Bourdon tube;

Polycarbonate transparent window; Plastic cover with loop for fixing; Graduation 400 BAR / 5000 PSI, full scale.

Graduation display:

Luminous easy to read dial design; Red zone from 0 to 50 BAR / 0 to 600 PSI; Increments 10 BAR / 100 PSI, all over the scale; Available in black dial with fluorescent needle and graduation numbers;

SPG + HP hose in compliance with EN 250 specifications.

Suggested use only by trained individuals and certified by a recognized Scuba Training Agency.

Suitable for HotDive S2 1st stage regulator.


Hose information

Standard Hose:
– 0.75m(29.52 inches) LP braided hose for primary 2nd stage regulator.  Color black/white
– 0.95m(37.4 inches) LP braided hose for backup 2nd stage regulator.  Color yellow

– 0.80m(31.49 inches) SPG hose rubber material


Additional information

1st Stage Type

DIN, Yoke

1st Stage Color

White, Black

Primary 2st Stage Color

Black, White, Silver


HotDive Scuba Regulator Set Test Report by ANG

9 reviews for HotDive ST2 Recreational Scuba Regulator Full Set – environmentally conscious diving regulator set

  1. Fiona S

    Feels so standout whiling diving with my friends

  2. Yevgeniy P

    Very good regulators. From the first (primary) regulator I did get more air, than I actually needed. That was brilliant. Its very good quality compere to a price.

  3. Jesse J

    Fast delivery and great customer service

  4. Jasmine Smith

    fast delivery and great gears


    Tried it on Red Sea safari, works great! Very easy breathing, even with the almost empty tank.

  6. Philip C

    excellent quality and price, fast shipping

  7. Flenn W

    White color are really unique and i love it.

  8. Dejan M

    Breathing is just as easy compared to the balanced Apex regulators I trained on. Compact 1st stage and the 2nd stages are small enough for travel on the plane in my carry-on luggage. Very tough construction and both sets I purchased have been flawless on multiple dives down to 30m+

  9. Carlos S.

    This is a great reg and octo set for a good deal. High quality too. I bought the din version as I prefer the option to run din or yoke. Most of my tanks have yoke adapters as I find them easier to mess about with.

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