HotDive Mini Scuba Tank 1L

(2 customer reviews)


  • 1L mini tank
  • Separate second stage
  • Carrying bag
  • Different Color



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2 reviews for HotDive Mini Scuba Tank 1L

  1. Bill Mooney

    Works great! I love this little pony bottle! I hopefully will never have to use it, but I have been practicing with it. It is a very nice feeling to have that little bit of extra air just in case. It fills very easy from your main tank, and I have attached it to the bottom of my BC. There is a little ‘drag’ when breathing but not too bad. I get about 3-5 minutes out of it in the pool.

  2. Hendley Ramos

    Great! but I think another one would be better for cleaning the boat bottom. I’ll go for it…

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