HOTDIVE Frenzel Equalization Trainer Tool HDF-01 for freediving

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1. Aluminum material, sturdy and easy to clean and disinfect.
2. 2 pieces with Oring structure, the most precisely adjustable EQ trainer ever make.
3. Different colors can be chosen, fashion design.
4. Compatible with most balloons on the market, can be used without a balloon.




HOTDIVE EQ Trainer can train your equalization wherever you want. Suitable for all level free divers. It can help you train Frenzel, mouthfill, and reverse packing techniques. Two pieces of metal with an O-ring structure can change the airflow easily and precisely. It even simulates mouthfill or Deep Frenzel with mouth air decreasing automatically. Other EQ trainers are very hard to achieve that. Get deeper techniques training even wherever you are.



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